Top 7 Marketing Tools you should be using for your Business


“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” – Beth Comstock

No matter the size of the business, it is important to know the most recent marketing strategies.  In today’s digital world, online marketing is a vital part of a flourishing business. The main aim of the online marketing is to reach the target audience, attract customers to buy your products and services and to build visibility and brand. Furthermore, it is important to reach potential customers through proper means where they spend the time to read, search, shop and socialize online.

Here are the top digital marketing tools you should use for your digital marketing campaigns:

1. Email Marketing

email marketing

Emails are still one of the top means to bond and build an understanding of your market. Email marketing will always be one of the vital online marketing strategies. The subject of your email is the first thing that your readers will be viewing followed by email body content. Therefore, if our email subject line is curious enough to open the email it will increase the email campaign open rate.


  • MailChimp is an outstanding free email marketing tool and one of the easiest for beginner’s to understand.mailchimp-logo MailChimp Features include sending out email newsletters, social network powered subscriber profiles and drag-and-drop e-mail developer with pre-made design templates. It helps to keep in touch with potential clients and contacts. It also integrates with another programme like WordPress, Facebook, and Shopify etc.

Mail Chimp enables you to:

  • Develop marketing email messages and categorize lists of recipient email addresses
  • Send your email messages to the recipients in your contact list
  • Review the data about the emails you sent

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your business and engage with your market for free.

  • Buffer is social media automation tool. Buffer is simple with the easy-to-navigate set-up. You can schedule buffer-logoupdates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. Buffer has a free plan with partial attributes. When it comes to social media, saving time is vitally important. This is precisely what Buffer does.

Buffer has a smooth edge that is actually improved by installing its browser extensions – a lot of its best functionality comes from these additions. It helps to control your posting schedule of every single post individually.  Buffer application is compatible with three different platforms: Browser, Mobile, and Newsreader.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Main Image

SEO analyses keywords people are using to search for and find your business. Knowing these keywords assists you to verify what information to share, what words to use in your titles and content etc.


  • SEM Rush – SEMRush Rank is a sort of SEO tool that shows the path to keyword rankings within search SEMrush-logoengines, as long as webmasters information about their targeted keywords.

SEMRush main features are Keyword Research, Site Audit, Keyword Ranking, Backlink Source, Content Creation with Keyword and Competitive Analysis.

This tool grants adequate information to give webmasters supervision when ‘optimizing their current site pages or preferring keywords to allot to their web content.’


  • Google Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Planner, formerly known as Google Keyword Tool is one of the influential keyword research tools which gives you lot of information with a number of broad options.

The Keyword Planner is a more focused version of the Google Keyword Tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator tool, and the focal point is on doing one thing only: to make it easier for advertisers to get through the process of creating new ad groups and ad campaigns.Google-Keyword-Planner-Tool

Keyword Planner has a “wizard” type interface. The first step is to conclude how you’re going to go about building your ad campaigns and ad groups. You’re asked to pick one of 3 possible paths:

  • Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas
  • Enter or Upload Keywords to get Estimates
  • Multiply keyword lists to get Estimates

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is swiftly becoming the customary. It is important to provide valuable content for your consumers for relationship building.


  • BuzzSumo will fill the highest ranking, most social and most influential content trending on the web that matches your search conditions. This helps you find better ways of titling your content, as well as help you discover where to advertise based on relevant viewers reach.Buzzsumo-logo


Buzzsumo is a dominant online tool that permits the user to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website.

Furthermore, in order to provide the content that people want to know, you need to know what is popular. It can take hours scanning all the various social sites to find out what people are talking about and what their concerns and needs are. Buzzsumo analyzes information and finds out what is working on your part and give you route.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is gaining popularity in the current times. You can do video tutorials and much more to help your market learn about and get to know your business.


  • YouTube tops the list of online video platforms and has grown to be the most effective mediums for advertising today. It has a wide reach and produces abundance traffic.Youtube Logo

Main rationales of YouTube are:

  • Customer can look for and keep track of videos
  • Make a personal YouTube channel
  • Upload videos to your channel
  • Like/Comment/share other YouTube videos
  • Users can subscribe/follow other YouTube channels and users
  • Create playlists to classify videos and group videos together


  • VidMeUp offers many great video hosting features. You can add your own domain, upload up to 750MB and customize your video page and more. Vidmeup is the simple online platform that offers you the knack to create your own video site and distribute your own unbranded videos.vidmeup-logo

Therefore publishing the video on the web, whether for business or individual use, shouldn’t be painful. Vidmeup is to transform all that. Vidmeup was built from the ground up to be a friend to the content creator.

Bottom Line

Better tools correspond to better marketing. No matter what the tool you choose, ensure that you value it well and that it makes a quantifiable progress on your marketing efforts.



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