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How To Use Social Media To Drive Website Traffic

Social Media to Drive Website Traffic

“The future belongs to social media. It is egalitarian and inclusive. Social media is not about any country, any language, any colour, any community but it is about human values and that is the underlying link binding humanity – Mr. Narendra Modi”

What precisely is website traffic? It basically refers to internet users who visit a website. Web traffic is assessed in visits and in a collective manner quantifies a company’s online value by drawing the viewers. It also considers the number of pages people visit and how long they stay on each page.

Regarding Social media, you will certainly have the same opinion as we do, people are more occupied with social media networks and this formulates as a wonderful approach for reference and can be used to drive traffic to your web pages. Using social media for brand identification is immense; nevertheless, it also enhances your website traffic.

Social Media

As we discuss the techniques to get more traffic to the website, of course, it’s invariably practical to show some factual examples in order to influence the reader that delivers some valid results.


By using social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, and Google+ etc. can knead over your competitors through regular sharing and interaction with customers. Social media is a mutual canal where you have the prospect to build relationships with your customers.


It is important to keep in mind the following ways to get social media channels to drive more web visits.


  1. Sharing Right and Relevant Content: 

     The flow of content must be pleasing by giving the readers with consistent and valuable information. Customize your content for each of the social networks. Ensure the content is fresh or unanticipated outlook and evergreen and it should stand out.

While creating content we should review and determine what competitors are doing. Aspire for pertinent content by keeping in mind market, target audience, and brand. Judge if the content is relevant within the context of your website and give real-life examples to help out to drive the relevance. Check if the content fits the brand persona you’re striving to create.


  1. Get Visibility of Your Site URL

    Try to link to your URL or web address to appear on other websites, this, in turn, increases your visibility. Frequent update on your website also gives visibility. Almost every social network has a specific place to share about your websites you can go ahead and add in your site’s URL in home page or about us sections etc which gets more visibility. Ensure that your page titles contain concise descriptions of your page content and keywords that you are hoping to perform well for you in search

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  1. Inspire Your Followers


It’s imperative to take into account followers who will actually engage with your content and not just who add to your follower count. What matters is quality, not the number of followers when you talk about group or network. By giving people an appropriate reason to follow, you are increasing their attention.



Here are some top tactics to increase followers:

  • Spot popular posts to get more shares
  • React to queries, remarks, and criticism in a judicious manner
  • Make use of stories to unite with and engage your followers
  • Ensure to share facts and insights
  • Promote your email subscribers to follow you on social media
  • Use related hashtags
  • Propose your followers with special discounts or coupon codes
  • Post frequently

It’s irrelevant to drive social media traffic to your website if it isn’t unique, attractive and optimized. Learn how to build an effective website here.

Bottom Line:

You should be on track with either one of the methods above mentioned to initiate new as well as recurring visitors and increase web traffic to your website. Social media has proven itself to be one of the major influencers and it would be a shame to get left behind in the digital space.


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