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Top 10 Tips to Write SEO-Friendly Content

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“Both Google and Audience love content, so think only Outstanding Content. And, SEO will be done automatically!” – Atish Ranjan, TechTricksWorld

 SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO content is any writing that appeals and compels to search engines ensuring the content is shown in the searches.

Suppose you write an article, or a blog, or a website homepage, it is essential to note that all of your content should be SEO friendly. You may be proficient in your preferred subject or topic, what matters the most is how you get people to stay long connected with your content.

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SEO friendly content has a remarkable bang on your ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. The higher your website is ranked by search engines, the more visibility you get and in turn, lead to more website traffic.


Writing better-quality SEO content is not an easy task. You have to put in many efforts to get your website at the top of the search result for a particular keyword. Sometimes well-written articles go in vain if none ever come across your page. When producing new content, quality is always important. Nevertheless, the SEO can heighten your efforts to reach a target audience.

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Here are some useful tips you can consider while writing relevant and interesting content that captures attention and shows up in search results:

 1. Usage Of The Precise Keyword

 SEO Keywords

Prior to writing an article, or blog post, you should decide which keywords you want to incorporate. Based on the results of planned keyword searches you can select your keywords. You have to be strategic with the keywords that you prefer.


Putting together your keyword list begins with the brainstorming of words and phrases.  Once you have a broad list of keywords, you’ll have a huge list to select from and plan your content accordingly. However, ensure that any keyword you think is relevant to the topic and select general keywords to reach a wider audience and pick appropriate keywords to target particular consumers. You can also explore the topics on Quora and come across latest distinction for your specific keywords.


Buy pro version of free tools that help you keep ahead of your competition. E.g. Google’s keyword planner is a free online keyword tool which assists users to research and analyze lists of keywords. Once you begin to write, the keywords have to be used in the title, headers, tags, and the main body of the text.

 2. Usage Of Headlines And Subheadings

 “These days, headlines are trying to get you to click”. – Jason Calacanis

Majority of the readers first observe “headline” either in print or online. A well-written headline attracts the community, familiarizes them, informs them what the main body of text is about, and introduces the people to dive into the remaining part of the text. Therefore, headline confirms the usefulness and the broad achievement of your complete bit of writing.

SEO headline

You need to create headlines and subheadings that are unique and that triggers inquisitiveness. Your content will be overlooked if there is no appropriate headline. Your headline should furnish adequate information about specific topic or product or service etc so that it helps your visitor to get into details.


A headline need not have to be too long to suggest the precise perspective. According to the Outbrain study, normally 8-word title or headline outshine the shorter and the longer headline versions.


A headline and subheading should not baffle or be hazy. By using selected keywords in headlines and subheadings we can be accurate to the point and link with the people. If there are extra subheadings in the article, then there are additional chances at hand to show in search engines.

 3. Create An Appealing And Inspiring Content

 Publishing content that is inspiring, important, intellectual and relevant are the key features to engage readers and convert your lead generation online.

Creating an exceptional content plays a noteworthy role in SEO. Make your content simple, coherent and handy to a wider audience. Content should always serve audience through precise information, find the underlying cause of the hitch, or engage the audience in valuable conversation.  Keep people updated on the latest and greatest news content from your company.

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You need not have to be a skilled writer to pen an online content. Before diving into writing content, it is vital to set clear goals, consider your target audience and what prospects it can unlock for your business.

The following points must be taken into consideration while writing:

  • The writing process
  • Types of content that you create
  • The length of your content, its structure, and format
  • Headline/title
  • The actual words and SEO friendliness
  • Readability and social optimization

Writing content for a genuine purpose and showing your keenness for how your business helps the customers.

    4. Enhanced Communication Through Images And Videos

 To make your content interesting and inspiring, images and videos are essential. Images are good for the user as they make the content less tiring and easier to read.

SEO images and video


Images act as an influential impact on the point that is conveyed and has positively created an outstanding familiarity. It is the most accepted type of visual content and readers can easily relate and remember the content with appropriate images. Break up large chunks of text into different types and use images effectively.


Of late, many people glance the content through mobile devices. As reading long form of content is time-consuming, most of them prefer to watch videos. Videos have become easier for your audience to understand. They can put across an apt touching pitch. Videos not only grab the audience’s interest but also direct to a privileged commitment to social media and more conversions.


Live video is an additional budding style and it offers proximity to online users. Business owners feel video content can create more effective content.

 5.Links To Previous Content

 SEO links

Suppose you have already written some articles, blog posts etc linked to your existing subject or topic, it is important to link these articles or posts. It will create a strong impact on your content because you show some influence on the subject. Adding links to previous content also improve your rank in the search results.

 6.Using Signal Or Transition Words

 You should use ample signal words in order to give a route to your readers.  Some of the signal words are: first of all, furthermore, in addition, last of all, likewise, moreover, next, second, however, for instance, therefore, most of all, most important etc. These words show the reader that you are illustrating, comparing, summarizing or concluding something.  Signal words also show a link between sentences and paragraphs. By using signal words, people will get to understand the meaning of your text.

 7.Optimize Dimension Of The Article


SEO mobile

While writing content for web pages what matters the most is quality and size. It is important to keep the length content appropriate. Always remember articles should have a minimum of 300 words and ensure the structure, readability and engagement level ought to be sound enough. Not all the article need to have 2,000 words. It is vital to seek for a length that delivers and covers the information thoroughly and also to stay focused on the subject matter with your content.

 8.Updating The Content On Regular Basis

 SEO update

Updating the online content on a regular basis helps to build trust between you and your customers and also builds domain credence. Providing users with the new content keeps them happier and on track. One of the most important features to improve SEO is to keep the website fresh and updated. It involves both time and money.


A website that is frequently updated is searched more often, has more pages in the index and more potentialities to boost SEO. A website that is updated on a regular basis will give you fuel for your social media backing.

 9.Take benefits of Social Media

 SEO social media

Allowing people to share your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks links your brand to the wider social community, which potentially reaches your information/communication to thousands of prospects and drives more web traffic and increases search results.


Social media marketing (SMM) and SEO are two closely interlinked avenues. Both have the ability to create an interesting personality with the purpose to magnetize visitors.

10.Get suggestions or proofread from other people regarding your post/article

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Some may feel proofreading is backbreaking work, however, it fine-tunes your words, ensures clarity and quality of the report. One typo or error in your content can detract the reader’s impression. If you want the content to be precise, spellchecked, grammatically error free then the content has to be proofread.






Bottom Line:

 Here’s what you should consider if you want SEO friendly content:

  • Be genuine
  • Distinctiveness
  • Target the users/readers
  • Remarkable headlines
  • Sensible usage of the keywords
  • Bear in mind the structure of the content
  • Amend, proofread and intend for readability
  • Using credible sources
  • Linking earlier content
  • Optimize all your images
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