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How To Build An Effective Website

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your-websiteWe think you’ll agree with us when we say this, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and your website makes the first impression on your online audience.

Well, it turns out that it is not all that hard to have an attractive website that will keep your viewers intrigued enough to know more about you and your business.

And in today’s post, we’ll give you the do’s and don’ts of website design. Use this as a simple checklist to evaluate your current website and also as a basic guide for your new website.

“I feel the need – the need for speed” is a famous line from the movie Top Gun. What if we tell you it holds good for your website as well?

How to build an effective website - I feel the need – the need for speed

Here’s the deal

An average internet user isn’t exactly known for his/her patience. If your website takes forever to load, they won’t stick around till it does. Make sure your website loads quickly using the following simple fixes:

  • Use optimized images. Get rid of high-resolution images that slow you down.
  • Prioritize above the fold content
  • Enable compression

Make Your Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly

How to build an effective website - I feel the need – the need for speed - Mobile Friendly Websites

Responsive websites automatically detect the type and resolution of the screen being used and act accordingly.

Gestures like swipe, tap, and pinch are unique to touchscreens. Make sure that your website responds to these inputs properly.

Why does this matter?

Google has recently announced that they’re switching over to a mobile-first index which means that the mobile version of your site will be considered as the “real” version even if someone searched from a desktop.

Use this Free Google Tool to test if your web page is mobile friendly.

Include an “About Us”Section and a “Contact Us” Page

How to build an effective website - Include an “About Us”Section and a “Contact Us” Page

Have an about us page to portray your story, what your business does and what it values. Invoke a positive emotion about your business through the about us page.

Write briefly about the features that are unique to your business and what it means for a customer. Your about us page should convey who you are as a business in an effective and intellectual way if you intend to grab the attention of a visitor.

Make it easy for yourselves to contact a customer or to stay in touch, have a “contact us” page with a form where the customers can input their details. Remember not to ask for too much information, you’ll risk losing the potential contact.

Each form filled and submitted is a new lead and generating leads is quintessential to grow any business.

Bottom Line

Your website should cater to your customers’ needs while increasing your brand’s awareness and identity, increasing sales and generating leads. Always remember to think from the customers’ perspective to understand what would make their lives easier while driving my company goals.

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